Sowuli Lithuanian Yeast

Here we have a unique yeast strain isolated from a Simonaitis culture (“Lithuanian Farmhouse Yeast”) culture kindly shared by a traditional Norwegian homebrewer.  A tasting panel noted flavors of marmalade, stone fruit, and peach, with a hint of pepper at high temperatures (may be POF+) along with other difficult to describe flavors at both at normal (~72F/22C) and high temperatures (~95F/35C).  This strain is not very flocculant and should be great to use for a funky Belgian or German style.  Has a clean finish with no off-flavors that we can detect.  There are more experiments in progress to characterize the strain further and determine optimal pitch rates.  Note that this is not a true kveik which has multiple strains and sometimes bacteria…that you have to get from a true Norwegian brewer.  For more info on kveik, see Larsblog or kveik page on Milk the Funk.

Basic characteristics:

Attenuation: 75+% (more experiments in progress)
Flocculation: Low-medium (more experiments in progress)
Temperature Range: 72-95F / 22-35C (more experiments in progress)
Alcohol Tolerance: >8% (should be at least 13%, more experiments in progress)
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Diastaticus (STA1 gene) genotype: Negative

The pitches below contains either 1 gram of dried yeast that is enough for a 5 gallon pitch up to 1.060, or 6 grams that is enough for a 1 bbl pitch up to 1.060.  These packages come vacuum sealed and should be used within 3 months if left in the fridge (or should last years in the freezer).

buy now
Dried Sowuli
Lithuanian yeast 
1 gram = 5 gallon pitch
PRE-ORDER for early March 2019
$5 + shipping
buy now
Dried Sowuli
Lithuanian yeast 
6 grams = 1 bbl pitch
early March 2019
$25 + shipping

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