We now have a limited amount of dried kveik available for pre-order to be shipped out in early March 2019! Check back here for more details.


Taken from the first Sleight Beer Lab blog post:

A new development in my lab is another one I did not anticipate from the beginning: yeast propagation.  Earlier this year I learned about and started playing with some farmhouse yeast strains from Norway (“kveik”) and other countries (a shout out to Svein for sharing these with me, Milk the Funk brewing community for sharing information, Lars for introducing these to the world, and to the traditional farmhouse brewers for sharing!).  These yeast are remarkable in their ability to ferment quickly, produce amazing tasting esters (fruity flavors), have no off-flavors at high fermentation temperatures, and can tolerate high ethanol concentrations which means you can use them to make high gravity beers!  One tasty brew I made with a kveik isolate was a hazy IPA that had some interesting tropical fruit flavors (see the label I made for this homebrew below).  I realized that more people needed to know about these strains so decided to offer them at small scale.  We now offer four unique isolates of kveik and other farmhouse strains from our Mysterium Yeast trade name.  We’ve now sent out homebrew pitches to several homebrewers and just did our first pro pitch that will be on tap tomorrow!

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