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UPDATE: All yeast pitches are sold out for the time being.  Check back or follow us on social media to see when we will offer it again.  Thanks to everyone who purchased some!

Ready to try some new yeast strains for brewing?

We now do small scale yeast propagations for homebrew (5+ gallons) pitches for maximum freshness.  In addition, we have the capacity to do one pro pitch every week (up to 10 bbl, please get in touch if interested and please allow a 2 week lead time).  Only the best ingredients are used and all early step ups are done in a laminar flow hood to guarantee sterility.  Along with viability testing, contamination tests are performed on the final culture to ensure there are no other microbes present.

Check out our new Mysterium line of isolated kveik (“Norwegian Farmhouse yeast”) and Lithuanian yeast strains that are summarized in the tables below.  We sequenced each isolate for species identification and tested for presence of the STA1 gene (typically Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus has this gene) that is indicative of superattenuation.  We also brewed beer with each isolate before offering it for purchase so that we know it can make interesting beer and attenuates properly.  A tasting panel described the flavors in these strains as pineapple, candy, marmalade, stone fruit, peaches, orange, tropical fruit, and other difficult to describe flavors (see exact flavor profiles in the links below).

kveik table 1

kveik table 2

Note that these isolates are not a true kveik which has multiple strains and sometimes bacteria…that you can get from a real Norwegian brewer.  For more info on kveik, see Larsblog or the kveik page on Milk the Funk.  Also see the informative paper on kveik by Richard Preiss et al.

For purchase info on each strain, click on the links below (each is for a 5 gallon pitch with 200 billion cells):

mysterium yeast logo ehwaz 5 gallon pitch book antiqua5 flat 2x2
Ehwaz 5 Gallon Pitch
mysterium yeast logo fehu 5 gallon pitch book antiqua5 flat 2x2
Fehu 5 Gallon Pitch
mysterium yeast logo sowuli 5 gallon pitch book antiqua5 flat 2x2
Sowuli 5 Gallon Pitch
mysterium yeast logo gebo 5 gallon pitch book antiqua5 flat 2x2
Gebo 5 Gallon Pitch

Your pitch will come in a heat sealed pouch like shown below (the photo above is only for illustrative purposes).  Please allow 5-10 business days for processing.

mysterium yeast

Inquire if you are interested in larger pro sized pitches up to 10 bbl (so far we have done one successfully — see here for more info on the beer release) or wholesale prices for 10+ homebrew sized pitches.  Happy brewing!

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